The latest version: 12.13


Full Client:

[Swordsman2_12.10.rar (4.03 Gb)]


Note: Please download 12.10a first then download 12.11 , avoid update error!

==>OLD [Patch 12.13a.rar (94.70 MB)]

==>NEW [Patch 12.14.rar (166.00 MB)]

Download Extract Program: [Winrar or 7 Zip]

Note: Download this program and install to extract the patch.


[7 Zip]

Then extract and copy the entire file in the patch folder to the existing Swordsman2 folder, if the yes or no dialog box appears, select Yes to all, then run swordsman2.exe to enter the game.


Note: If it fails to download or after the download is over, the doctor should log into your google account or add a file to your drive to download.


Step.1.Extract and copy the entire file in the patch directory.

Step.2.Paste into the downloaded game directory in step 1


Step.3.Select Replace to overwrite the file, then extract run Swordsman2.exe to enter the game



If an error occurs when running the autoupdate.exe file, please follow the instructions below:

  • For Windows XP, the installer installs the . .Net Framework 4.0
  • For Windows 7 / Vista please install .Net Framework 4.5 Here
  • If it still doesn't work, repeat from step 1.

Note: Every time you enter the game, you should update to the latest version to always update the latest features of Swordsman2 Online!

Swordsman2 Online