Entering CangWu Pavilion


There is many function for player to choose before entering the Pavilion.

CangWu Pavilion Map Entrance

  • Choose PK to visit CangWu Palvilion (Note: In this map your are punished as endurance equipment, merit, fame reputation etc...)
  • Map

    Choose PK color before entering.

  • After choosen PK correct as map shown player would visit CangWu Palvilion as the color shown.
  • Map

    CangWu Pavilion Map.

CangWu Ancient People [Boss]

NPC: CongWu Ancient or CangWu Ancient and his servant always appear every 1 hour at Frostwind Cliff(CangWu Ancient Map) [202/180].


Kill these ancient people(Boss) should drop and get reward as "Ancient Badge".


The "Ancient Badge" use to claim reward at the store at CangWu Ancient Tree [BianJing 172/175].

CangWu Ancient Tree Shop:

Dragon Hidden Exchange:

Dragon Hidden

Upgrading Dragon Hidden -> to CangWu Equipment:

Upgrading Dragon Hidden -> to CangWu Equipment

Exchange Gem Level 7:

Exchange Gem Level 7

Gem Level 7:

Gem Lv 7

Dragon Hidden & CangWu Equipment (example):

Dragon Hidden Set:

Dragon Hidden

CangWu Set:

CangWu Set

Three base effect riding magic sword (Mount or Horse):

Mount or Horse

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