Event Item

Lucky Draw Ticket   Ticket Pack Small   Ticket Pack Big

Lucky Draw Ticket & Ticket Pack (Small & Big)

Event Information

  • Chance of normal lucky spin x1 : 50 spins / day.
  • Chance of special lucky spin x10: 10 spins(100spins) / day.
  • Daily limited spin reset at : 00:01 AM everyday.
  • Note : Auto spin will stopped if the character not enough ticket or inventory space capacity..

How to join:

To join the lucky draw spin character must head to BianJing [ 176 / 178 ] look for Lucky Yeasty Beasty:

NPC Lucky Yeasty Beasty

Lucky Yeasty Beasty

Select: I want to join lucky draw event.

Lucky Yeasty Beasty

Lucky Spin Reward

When the spin drop to the reward character will automatic claim reward sent to inventory storage.

Lucky Board

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