Event Item

Gem Bag

GuanYin Leaf Pack (Could purchase from Swordsman2 Store and Right Click to obtain x50 Leaf).

GuanYin Leaf   GuanYin Sealed Leaf

After kill boss or servant, player could use GuanYin Leaf x1 to double the reward GuanYin Sealed Leaf x2 after pick box reward.

NingYue Map


Ningyue Hounted Palace Map

NingYue Boss

Boss Model

Ningyue Little / Ningyue Brother / Ningyue Mother

Event Time: 10PM , 11PM , 12PM (LOCAL TIME GMT +7)

NingYue Little

At the event time started , Ningyue Little will appear at the place map sign.

Kill the Ningyue Little to death Ningyue Sister will appear at the next target.

NingYue Little Death

Every boss have their servant with powerful skill , careful to eliminate one by one..

NingYue Store

Ningyue Store

Ningyue Hounted Palace Shop

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