Event Item

Merit Badge   Large Merit Badge   Glory Merit Badge   Battlefield Tally

Merit Badge / Large Merit / Glory Merit / Battlefield Tally

Event Information

  • Member of participle : 1 person / time.
  • Chance of participle : 30 times / day.
  • Number of participle side battle start : 15 people / each side.
  • Daily participle reset at : 00:01 AM everyday.
  • Battlefield Max Session : 30 session / every 1 hour..
  • Ranking Battlefield Update : Every week from Friday 9:00PM to Saturday 9:00PM.
  • Reward : Merit(depend on the soldier side) / Fame(Reputation) / Experience(Current Level * (Experience*80) ).

Registeration / Apply name for battlefield

If you not yet apply your name or register please look for:
Song Battlefield Emissary BianJing 168/178 / Liao Battlefield Emissary BianJing 172/180.

Song Register   Liao Register

How to join:

To join the treasure hook battlefield(Sky Battlefield) go to BianJing [ 174 / 176 ] look for NPC: Sky Door Messenger:

NPC Sky Door Messenger

Sky Door Messenger

Select: Register Sky Door Battlefield.

Sky Door Messenger

Battlefield Boss "Monkey King": Find the 2 Monkey King at each side East and West to get battlefield item.

Monkey King   Liewu Xuanjing Shard   CangWu Black Iron

Sky Battlefield (Treasure Hook Battle Map)


Song Register

Sky Battlefield Equipment Shop

When you be ready you status for battlefield item merit as General or Marshal could be redeem that get from battlefield.

Song Shop   Liao Shop

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