Event Item

Sky Token   Big Pack of Sky Token

Sky Token / Big Pack of Sky Token(250 coins)

Event Information

  • Party is required.
  • Member of participle : 5 person or above / time.
  • Daily chance of participle : Unlimited / day.
  • Level required : 80 or above.
  • School participle : 5 different school..
  • Reward : Crystal Sea Gem / Fame(Reputation) / Experience(Current Level * (Experience*70) ).

To join meeting the TongTian Mountian

NPC: Ren Yingying located at BianJing 177/177
Asking Ren Yingying to send you Gods Realm 197/182 to meet the Intoxicated.

Ren Yingying   Meet the Intoxicated

How to join:

To join the TongTian Party Meeting Gods Realm [ 197 / 182 ] look for NPC: Intoxicated:



Party 5 people or above and select: I would like to join TongTiang Mount with my teamate.

Sky Door Messenger

Finishing all the step could be lucky will get:
"Crystal Sea Gem" to exchange for Hanyu Honghuang Weapon.

Crystal Sea Gem   Guangwu Gold   Weapon

Map of TongTian Mountian


Song Shop

Exchange Hanyu HongHuang Weapon & Effection Light

You could back to BianJing meet Ren Yingying 177/177 and looking for exchange weapon if you had Crystal Sea Gem.

Change1   Change2   Weapon Effect

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