Benefit of used​ VIP card level 1.


Increment power:

HP increased : 20000, Ex & In.Atk increased for 10%.

Critical Damage Defense & Critical Points & Critical Defense increased for 10.

Duration effective: Permanent.

Special Benefit: Discount turn 30% off at Gold Coupon Shop.

NPC: Lucky Yeasty Beasty [BianJing 176/178]

  • Meet the lucky spin NPC , and spin times of your choice could get the VIP card and Rare Item.
  • NPC

    Spining Board.


Voucher Card Type:


Voucher could use to obtain silver coupon.
But if you are VIP 1 when "Right Click" you could have another choice to obtain the Gold Coupon Currency.


Choice to choose claim if you had VIP 1.

Silver & Gold Coupon Shop:

Silver Coupon Shop: (Off 00%)

Silver Coupon Shop

Gold Coupon Shop: (Off 30%)

Gold Coupon Shop

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